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North of England Bonsai is the North’s premier supplier of bonsai trees, accessories and advice. Richard Reah, the Proprietor focuses on both the professional presentation and retail of bonsai from the smallest most quaint of trees to absolutely spectacular showpieces.

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Bonsai is thought of as a Japanese art form. Indeed bonsai trees in Japan tend to be passed down through the generations of families, members of those families being taught bonsai care and maintenance from a young age. The first recorded miniature trees however were recorded in China hundreds of years before the Japanese "borrowed" another bit of Chinese culture and adopted it as their own. Nowadays if you travel in the east you will find that many eastern cultures have adopted bonsai and many houses proudly display their bonsai trees such as the Japanese Black Pine as garden ornaments.

Bonsai care

Some Bonsai Trees have been in the care of their owners for years and are reputed to be hundreds of years old. Japanese Bonsai Masters spend a life time honing their skills in the art of Bonsai and go through an apprenticeship in the earlier part of their career. If you would like to learn some of the skills used by the Bonsai Masters and use them caring for your own trees which could complement a Japanese garden then come along to one of the Bonsai Training Workshops that we regularly hold through the year. The courses are inexpensive and a great way to begin learning what may become a passion. We provide Bonsai workshops for all skill levels and a great day is guaranteed for anyone attending.

Of course bonsai gardening can be a very rewarding past time for those who are disabled and we know how these miniature trees can give so much pleasure to those working from a wheelchair.

Bonsai holiday

We now provide a service for all bonsai enthusiasts - a holiday for your bonsai. Well not so much a holiday as boarding your bonsai trees with us while you go on holiday yourself. Just bring your bonsai to us and we will care for them in our garden centre near York. Let us look after them every day whilst you are on your holiday without you having to worry about them. The charge is just £0.50p per tree per day.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Cost is 50 pence per day per tree.
  2. The condition of the tree/s must be pest free and treated for vine weevil, if not treated then Provado can be purchased from myself.
  3. Payment in full on collection.

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